Wisconsin Opener Days Away

As the light rain taps on my window, my mind looks forward to what appears to be a beautiful weekend.  The weekend weather forecast looks to be outstanding, and add to it, it is the Wisconsin opener.  I will be back in Northwest Wisconsin hunting smallmouth bass with a few hundred other people.  Every year, my brother and I travel north searching out the fierce bronzies.  Every so often, our outing gets postponed due to the slow spring to arrive.

This year, the ice has been out for a while and the lakes are ready.  Over the next few weeks, I will be uprooted from my home in the metro area and relocated in NW Wisconsin.  In my eyes, there is nothing better than spending quality days on the water falling in love with smallmouth fishing.  In a few days, my infatuation is re-ignited.  If you have ever wondered how good is NW Wisconsin, now is the year to see what makes us all go a little crazier.

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