Springtime Bronzies in Wisconsin

For years, Wisconsin has opened weeks earlier than Minnesota. Due to this, I’ve covered most every Wisconsin opener for a decade. I’ve been on the well known smallie waters to lakes with no names over the years. Northern Wisconsin has outstanding smallmouth lakes, especially in May and June.

Every year I spend weeks in May and June in northern Wisconsin. About half the time, I’m guiding clients and silent auction winners. The other time I’m either alone or with friends and family. Once they discovered these treasures, it’s been return trips every year.

Last year, Minnesota wised up and opened bass with the walleyes and pike. This change may bring me back to Minnesota two weeks earlier, but the first two weeks of fishing is dedicated to Northern Wisconsin, from Hudson to Hayward, Ladysmith to Ashland. I’ve been to the Park Falls area, but not enough. Perhaps 2017 will see some trips to Park Falls, Tomahawk and Eagle River. These are known smallmouth havens.

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