Fishing by the Hour

We are available by the hour. This is negotiable. However, these are the "standard rates":

  1. Hour $100
  2. Hours $150
  3. Hours $175
  4. Hours $200
  5. Hours $225*
  6. Hours $250*
  7. Hours $275*
  8. Hours $300*

*Client buys lunch/dinner with 5+ hours of fishing


Fishing by the Day

We are available for multiple day trips. Days that include more than 8 hours of fishing pay $20 per hour extra.

  1. Day $300
  2. Days $550*
  3. Days $700*
  4. Days $850*
  5. Days $1000*

*Accommodations and one meal paid per day, not including last day, by client.

Thank You

We appreciate your time and interest in our services.  We cannot guarantee catching fish, however we can guarantee an enjoyable time on the water.

We supply all the gear needed.  You would need to supply your own fishing license for the state we fish, appropriate clothing, personal snacks and drinks (non alcoholic) too. We are not always able to restock our snacks and drinks due to our schedule.

Call us today at 612.810.5215. Thank you! I am looking forward to fishing with you.

Judd Yaeger